While it is difficult to put a price on the security of data, SetkaOne offers competitive prices for top quality service.

Standard Services

Basic Services

Computer Repair and Build, Network and Software Solutions, Computer Training

$50.00/hour per computer

Compared to Geek Squad:

PC Repair – up to $299.99

Network Support – up to $139.99

Computer Training – $149.00

Basic System Security

Basic Services + AntiVirus and AntiMalware Solutions, Data Destruction and Recovery, Intrusion Detection and Prevention

$80.00/hour per computer

Enhanced System and Network Security

Basic System Security + Network Traffic Monitoring, Penetration Testing, Physical Security Solutions

$275.00/hour for networks including up to 32 hosts

Advanced Subscription Service*

3 Months (Including Basic System Security)


6 Months (Including Basic System Security)


1 Year (Including Enhanced System and Network Security)

Request Estimate

*Based on a predetermined recurring interval of service as agreed upon by SetkaOne and its client


Digital Barcode

A digital format barcode for your use in any available output type.

$30/unique code


Coming soon!