SetkaOne offers a wide variety of computer and network security solutions that serve the needs of individuals and businesses.

Protection from Viruses and Malware

SetkaOne will compare popular AntiVirus and AntiMalware products and recommend a solution that best serves you, and will install and configure that product on your computer.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

If you feel that your computer or network has been compromised, SetkaOne can investigate system security logs to identify any breaches. As well, SetkaOne offers solutions to prevent future network intrusion using sophisticated tools.

Network Traffic Analysis

Clients that host websites often experience inconsistent or abnormal traffic patterns, which can indicate a threat to the integrity of the system and its data. SetkaOne can diagnose network problems, as well as detect and prevent distributed denial-of-services (DDOS) attacks against web hosts, individual clients, and networks. Furthermore, SetkaOne will evaluate security concerning both wired and wireless network infrastructures and resolve them.

*NEW* Network Vulnerability Assessment *NEW*

Get ahead of hackers by getting a full profile of attack vectors that already exist on your network. Using the same tools that hackers use to find entry points to your systems, SetkaOne will check servers, client computers and other networked devices to identify outstanding issues before they are used against your company.

Penetration Testing

Modern computer hackers often utilize a database of known exploits to use against operating systems, software, and services in order to gain access to a device. SetkaOne provides a comprehensive battery of tests to discover and secure entry points to prevent novice and professional hackers from jeopardizing the integrity of your computers and network.

Data Destruction and Recovery

Deleted files are not always irrecoverable and not always completely erased. SetkaOne can often restore missing files, including documents, pictures, and music. As well, SetkaOne offers secure erase options as standardized by the United States Department of Defense for sensitive data.

Secure Hard Drive Encryption

Using reliable, open-source tools, files stored on a hard drive can be securely encrypted, thus ensuring the integrity of sensitive data. Everything from individual files to entire volumes can be encrypted using complex modern military-grade algorithms that can be accessed only by select users.

Online Presence

Maintaining an online presence is essential to the success of every business. It is how you will create new customers and keep your existing customers informed. SetkaOne can provide simple web design services and social media solutions.

Network Anonymity Support

Your unique IP address is easily discoverable by even novice hackers, which is the first step of successfully completing an attack on your system. Simple open-source tools and protocols, in addition to secure proxy integration, can stop a hacker from acquiring your personal information.

Physical Security Solutions

SetkaOne can identify problems in existing physical security implementations and recommend solutions to prevent data from being accessed by unauthorized personnel. Typical physical security includes perimeter security and denial of access to designated facilities.

SetkaOne also offers basic technical services

Computer Repair and Build

SetkaOne can diagnose and resolve hardware and software issues that may prevent the use of a computer. For clients seeking custom computers, SetkaOne can construct an affordable and efficient system based on your needs.

Mobile Devices

Mobile phones and tablets are quickly becoming popular consumer products. Need help configuring Android? SetkaOne offers basic training for emerging technology. Android rooting and iPhone Jailbreaking available.

Network Configuration

Home and enterprise networks can be installed and configured by SetkaOne. We will install new modems, configure WiFi and configure home network sharing.

Software Solutions

A variety of software exists to serve a variety of needs. SetkaOne can compare and recommend software solutions before installing and configuring that product on your computer.

Computer Training

For new users, SetkaOne can familiarize you with your computer, operating system, and software.

*NEW* Password Recovery *NEW*

Have you forgotten your password to log into your computer? SetkaOne can regain access to your Windows computer and help change your password without losing your valuable data. SetkaOne can also often regain access to wireless networks, Linux-based computers and other devices.

*NEW* Barcode *NEW*

High-quality custom barcodes to track and manage your products. More information can be found on the Barcode page of this website.